Welcome to professional computer college Authorized Training Centre of Shri Gopi nath Krishna Gopal Education Society registered under society act no 21, 1860 with Uttar Pradesh Government.

Knowledge in the form of Information Technology has opened up vast opportunities for India to become the premier, low cost provider of computer software and it enabled services to industrialized world. Due to which there is an increasing demand of skilled manpower. Business growth and technological innovations will continue to fuel this demand to great extent.

Professionals provides high quality training programmes and facilities second to none. Professionals has a strong commitment to develop computer professionals with high standards .We have a team of well qualified and experienced computer professionals who really care about their students and this is what makes us different. we put students first. Our training programmes are modern, challenging and relevant to needs of IT industry.

If your ideal institute is one where students matter and where student’s voices are heared and acted upon then Professionals is the place for you. I am confident that by choosing Professionals and taking full advantage of center’s excellent facilities, experience and flexible training programmes you will be best prepared to achieve your career objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to anticipate and satisfy the student’s needs for quality education in Modern IT industry. The primary objective of our organization are as under:-

• To make the youth self reliant

• To literate the weaker section of the society

• To increase the contribution of women in the field of IT.

• TO develop Computer Literate India.

• TO improve the level of technical education.